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The stories found here come from the Yahoo Group: The JSA All-Star Story Site, and are presented here in HTML format. They've all been proofread for typos and continuity errors and formatted in a way to make them easy to read. Hopefully this site will be a good resource for catching up on what's happening at the club. We're always looking for more writers, so feel free to join in. Click HERE for the Guidelines for this club as well as the others in the Five Earths Project. We have weekly chats on Friday nights, 8 PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific time (which can go on for several hours) to discuss upcoming stories, keep in touch, and generally to avoid stepping on each other's toes.

All stories have been put into chronological order. Some of the longer stories have been divided into smaller, bite-sized chunks, because many of the events in them are referred to in other storylines, and some characters appear in several stories at once.


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The time is not long after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, except that in this continuity the last five Earths, having briefly merged during the Crisis, have separated once more. The only parallel Earths to have survived the destruction of the Multiverse are Earths One, Two, X, S, and Four.

The stories found here deal with what happened on Earth Two after the events of the Crisis. They focus on the various members of the JSA, Infinity Inc, and other Earth-2 characters. New but familiar characters have also been introduced along the way. A Who's Who section will hopefully be added sometime in the future to detail the use of all characters so far (volunteers, anyone?).

The Stories

Times Past stories (those which take place before the Crisis on Infinite Earths) can be found below:

The JSA All-Star Story Site TIMES PAST Archives

Contemporary Earth-Two stories (those which take place after our version of the Crisis on Infinite Earths) can be found below:

The JSA All-Star Story Site 1985 Archives

The JSA All-Star Story Site 1986 Archives

The JSA All-Star Story Site 1987 Archives

The JSA All-Star Story Site 1988 Archives

Future tales (stories which take place in the near and far future of Earth-Two) can be found below:

The JSA All-Star Story Site FUTURE TALES Archives

Legal disclaimer: We acknowledge that all characters presented here, excepting those created in this story and others, are property and copyright of either DC Comics, Charlton Comics, or independent creators, although we also acknowledge that the stories and original characters are our intellectual property. The stories presented here are written purely for enjoyment and for a strong desire to tell stories with characters we love. I strongly stress that NO profit is being made by any of us. Please don't sue, I have no money.